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Checking Weight


What causes excessive fat?

Weight gain occurs when more energy is gained than the energy expanded, causing an excessive amount of fat tissue to accumulate on the human body in specific areas.   The most common areas for fat issue to deposit and accumulate on the body are thighs, arms, waist (sides and front), upper and lower back.  Excessive fat in these areas affects the appearance and increase specific health risks.  Excessive body fat accumulation can also create skin related conditions suck as skin laxity, cellulite and dimples.

Why choose Beautitude?


Through diet and exercise, one can successfully achieve overall body fat reduction, but targeted fat reduction is not possible simply with these programs.  The ability to target specific areas for fat loss is something most desire to achieve the perfect aesthetically pleasing body shape.

Beautitude offers a variety of state of the art technology to address body contouring and fat reduction, and help our clients achieve their personal body goals.

Weight Loss Treatment Options at Beautitude

Venus Bliss Fat Reduction

M2 RF Skin Tightening

Body Measurements
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